Billing Cycles and Service Cancellation

Alwyzon billing cycles are either monthly, quarterly or yearly depending on the selection during your initial order. For any plans that would be less than 5 € per month, only quarterly and yearly payments are available. We automatically invoice and charge your accounts primary payment method at the beginning of each billing cycle. If you do not have any use for your server anymore, you can at any time cancel your virtual servers in the client area.

To cancel your virtual server, login into the client area and click on Services > Virtual Servers in the left-hand menu bar. You should then see a list of all your virtual servers. Click on the server you want to cancel and click on the tab named Billing. You should then see some meta information about your server such as the recurring price and a line stating Status: Active with a red button next to it: "Request Cancellation". Click that button and then confirm your request one more time.

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