Network Traffic Limits

All Alwyzon servers are sold with multiple Terabytes of monthly network traffic included. Within these limits, your server can fully utilize the available port speed.

The limits for all servers are intentionally set high, so that most customers do not need to worry about how much traffic their servers generate. Should your server nevertheless use up all the included monthly traffic, your servers network port will be throttled to 100 Mb/s for the remaining billing month but no surcharges apply. If you require unthrottled network speeds beyond the included network traffic, you still have the option to opt for surcharges instead of throttling through our client area.

Note: traffic limits are measured based on the billing month and consider the sum of both traffic directions (ingress and egress traffic). The bandwidth is thus reset on the same day of the month you initially ordered the server. If you, for example, ordered the server on the 10th day of the month, your traffic usage will always reset at the 10th of each month.

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