How to change the default username?

All new servers are preinstalled with a user named “alwyzon”. This is because we have to choose some username during the initial installation, but we highly encourage you to change the user according to your own preferences.

On Linux, one could rename a user with the "usermod" command, but instead we recommend that you delete the default user and create your own one. To do so, start with creating a new user:

# on all Linux distributions:
sudo adduser johndoe

Then, grant the user full access to the server by adding sudo-privileges:

# on Debian/Ubuntu
sudo usermod -aG sudo johndoe

# on RHEL (CentOS, AlmaLinux, …)
sudo usermod -aG wheel johndoe

Finally, log out and login as the new user.

If it worked, you can go ahead and delete the old user:

# on all Linux distributions:
sudo deluser --remove-home alwyzon

Careful! This will delete the home directory of the old user too. If you have stored anything sensitive under "/home/alwyzon" already, make sure to copy it to your new users directory first!

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